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Automatic Stay Violation Attorney

When financial trouble strikes, debt can begin spiraling out of control. With so many institutions — hospitals, banks, credit card companies — all wanting to be paid at the same time, life can become quite stressful. I encourage you to contact a knowledgeable Rochester creditor harassment attorney immediately.

Stop Harassing Calls From Creditors

My firm, the Law Offices of George Mitris, has guided countless clients through these challenging times. Bankruptcy is a very powerful tool. It is one of the most powerful legal protections that is available for people. The very act of filing prevents creditors from continuing to harass individuals. This is called the automatic stay.

Once the automatic stay is in place, collection efforts must immediately stop. That includes lawsuits, repossessions, wage or bank account garnishment. In order to begin collection efforts again, the creditor must get the approval of the court. If it attempts collections without this approval, it might face penalties from the court.

If you need a bankruptcy lawyer in New York, it is wise to contact an experienced firm. I have more than 25 years of experience guiding businesses and individuals through the often-complex bankruptcy process. You can trust me for individual attention and personal service throughout the process. Help is available.

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If you have questions regarding stopping creditor harassment, contact the Law Offices of George Mitris by calling Victor office or Greece office at 585-225-7830, or by completing the contact form on this website. I offer a free initial consultation, and I maintain office hours that are convenient to my clients’ needs.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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